Salaam Mornings
It's the morning show with morning guy ABHI ....Who brings in the 904 Recipe rappp to just cook it fast everyday at 9.04 am sharp ,tells you how your day will be with the horoscope Uncle , lets you know the Mandi Updates to help you out in your daily shopping ,Also the morning guy would give you the Weather Updates as Mausam Ka Haal how much strong is Noida Ki Sardi or GARMMMI !!!! !
     Career Express
Experts from different backgrounds and different fields share the details of each carrer guiding the listners as to how could become a banking executive ,or Hr Manager or a Singer or a dancer .In a way the carrer experts from the community helps the community to know about various carrers and throw light on their carrer path too ..
It's the cookery based show where sometimes it's the chef of a well known restaurant or from a yummy eat -out joint or a resident of a society in the community who is famous for her culinary skills ...its all about yummy tasty khana ..
     Talk to Doc
Salaam Namaste believes in spreading awareness about health and nutrition .Doctors of different specializations speak on different health issues and listners also call up if they have queries on certain health concerns ..
The most lovable and the most famous jock of Salaam Namaste BADBADAIYYA ANANT ,does a three hour journey to the local paths of Noida and Ghaziabad .be it talking about the local issues and recharging the people to talk about the same in Recharge Kara ,Or bringing Fitness tips from the listners and shared by Baba Kaam Dev .He also brings in the sweet conversation of two sweet mosquitoes Luee and Suee who explain a hindi muhavra each day .He also asks Noida People to be a better Noida citizen by making them taking oath on general civicness in Recharge Kara .You just cant stop him because he is Badbadaiyya Anant !!!!!
     Ek -pahel
Ek pahel brings in the life stories of those people who have made inspiring moves in his /her life .Ek pahel brings the entire life stories of great people be it from the field of Bollywood ,Literature ,Education or something else ..Meet them all and know everything about them starting from their childhood to their ways of making their carrer ..
     Chill maar NCR
When it's the time for sun to go dowm and the traffic to frown ..the drive time to start its time on salaam namaste to chill down for NCR ....Aflatooni Supriya brings in the top news of the day ,makes the public aware of whats in and whats out ,also makes every celebration point bigger with her special witty clicks !!!!!
     Dream Jobs
"One day I'd like to be a lawyer, or maybe a doctor or may be an accountant or a software engineer..."
 What type of a job do you dream about? Some of us have known from the time we were young what  we wanted to do when we grew up. Others are still trying to figure that out. Still others have tried a career or two and have done something completely different with their lives.
 So we at SALAAM NAMASTE 90.4 FM are here to provide you better counselling by analyzing the pros and cons of every job, to help you find that dream job. Its the Radio that would listen to what kind of Dream Job you are looking for ..and make your search easiest .

     Sid The SalesMan
Freaky funky teenagers need to groove as Sid the salesman keeps you glued bout the latest gazets and gizmos,new websites and books etc
Sid and Sakshi are the host and dost of Painkillers since a year .Dard nirodhak goliyaan as they say ...for any sort of pain in your life they are there to help you out ..Be it counseling or be it a friend and guide or a lonesome stranger for you ..they both can always be your best best best buddies ...
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