IMS community radio station 90.4 Salaam Namaste interviewed Arjun Vajpayee, the youngest Indian to scale Mt.everest. ON 22 May, 2010 Arjun Vajpayee became the youngest Indian to climb the highest peak in this world Mt. Everest.   Arjun told Radio 90.4 Salaam Namaste Rj that he has undergone a 2 yr training for mountain trekking from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.And he is in to trekking since last four years.Inspired by his father's friend Colonel Jodh Singh Dhillon, Arjun was interested in this adventurous activity since child hood. Most interesting thing Arjun shared with our RJ Supriya was about how he came across the deadbodies on the route. He also talked about the cleaning drive his team persued in the base camp.There is one more record on his name of climbing 19000 ft DKV2 at the age of 15 yrs, while his training. Besides Arjun's interview IMS NOida director Mr.A.K Srivastava presented him a certificate of excellence and a memento on behalf of the institue. IMS NOida has also offered this young achiever  a 100 % fees waiver for any desired course at IMS Noida campus.
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      Dr kamal Agarwal
Editor of Women on Top Magazine,Dr Kamal Agarwal [ Lady in pink suit fourth from left in pic ]with  Team Salaam Namaste , interviewed for Women,s Day Special .Dr kamal Agarwal has been one of those ladies who has always encouraged aspiring and deserving ladies to go ahead and her monthly magazine WOMEN ON TOP brings them under the lights of recognition .Station Head of SALAAM NAMASTE ,BARSHA CHABARIA ,was also one of the ladies who were pictured in the magazine this Women,s Day .
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     Janice darbari
Honarary Council General from Montenegro to India ,Janice Darbari [lady in saree in centre with Salaam Namaste Team ]interviewed for Women,s Day Special .This Women,s Day ,Team Salaam Namaste ,interviewed achieving ladies from different fields and explored how did they get to reach heights in their lives . Honarary Council General from Montenegro to India ,Janice Darbari was one of such ladies who shared with Noida listners how is Montenegro different from India and what makes India as a country still the most different country in the world .

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